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HubSpot Onboarding Services

Customize Your HubSpot Platform To Suite Your Business

Partner with Eternal Works for HubSpot platform consulting, implementation, and support. Get the newest addition to your tech stack up and running in no time.

Get ONBOARDED by HubSpot Experts

  • We drink our own Kool-Aid. We are HubSpot users and solution partners. We also run 2 HubSpot User Groups (HUGs).
  • Get a customized onboarding and implementation plan that aligns with your company goals and operations.
  • Get hands-on training for you and your team.
  • Learn industry best practices.

Our Onboarding Process

How we get you and your team up and running

We understand how difficult it is to add to your tech stack and get everyone up to speed. That’s why we take the time to understand why you chose HubSpot and how your team plans to use it to create the best onboarding plan for your company. We want you and your team to love HubSpot and get all that you can from this new addition to your tech stack. We’ve found that following this process helps to ensure your company is off to a great start.

  • Discovery + Strategy
  • Set Up + Customization
  • Process Automation
  • Launch + Testing
  • BONUS: Optimization (90-day support)*

* We offer 90-day post-onboarding support to companies that complete the recommended HubSpot certifications.

Select your plan
Self Start
Kickoff Call
Onboarding Strategy Session
Portal Set Up (DIY)
Portal Set Up (DWY)
Portal Set Up (DFY)
Automation Ideas
Automation Recommendations
Automation Set Up
Launch + Testing (DIY)
Launch + Testing (DWY)
Launch + Testing (DFY)
BONUS: Optimization (90-day support)

DIY = Do it yourself

DWY = Done with you

DFY = Done for you



ROI is important for every business! We have found that when our clients complete HubSpot certifications and have team members do the same, they are successful. We'd like to partner with you in your path to HubSpot adoption. If you complete the recommended certifications, we will provide support for 90 days after your onboarding with us is complete.



Our team invests heavily in our own training so that we can provide you with the most comprehensive HubSpot onboarding and training.

HubSpot Solutions Partner Certification icon

HubSpot Solutions
Partner Certified

HubSpot Client Management certification icon

HubSpot Client
Management Certified

HubSpot Guided Client Onboarding

Guided Client
Onboarding Certified

HubSpot Client Management certification icon

Delivering Client
Success Certified

HubSpot Sales Software Certification icon

HubSpot Marketing
Software Certified

HubSpot CMS Hub Implementation Certification icon

CMS Implementation

HubSpot Marketing Software Certification icon

HubSpot Sales
Software Certified

HubSpot Marketing Hub Implementation Certification icon

Marketing Hub
Implementation Certified

HuBSpot Service Hub Software Certification icon

Service Hub
Software Certified

HubSpot Sales Hub Implementation Certification icon

Sales Hub
Implementation Certified

HubSpot Objective Based Onboarding Certification icon

HubSpot Objective Based
Onboarding Certified

HubSpot Platform Consulting Certification icon

HubSpot Platform
Consulting Certified

They were able to help us with all of the onboarding work we didn't have the bandwidth to do ourselves, and they have been phenomenal. I'm really looking forward to our next project with them!

Heather Hargraves
Marketing Communications Manager
Cold Chain Technologies


See below for our most commonly asked questions and answers. If you have additional questions regarding the HubSpot onboarding services we offer, please contact us.


Onboarding is an opportunity to become more familiar with the software. In addition to getting a full tour of the platform, we’ll teach you how to use it effectively.  This is also the best time to customize the platform for your business needs and goals.

We offer 90 days of support after onboarding is complete to those who complete the recommended HubSpot certifications. We recommend certifications based on the hubs included in your HubSpot subscription

Yes. If you are looking for a FULLY customized onboarding plan for your company, we recommend you select the White Glove option.




Data migration including contacts, companies, and deals is included in our Standard and above plans.

Some integrations are included in our Standard and above plans. Please see pricing table for details. We do not offer custom integrations but are happy to introduce you to integration experts within the HubSpot Partner Community.

We include some light marketing and/or sales strategy in our Standard and above plans. Please see pricing table for details. For a comprehensive marketing or sales strategy ask us about our Marketing or Sales Kickstarter.