We're not selling a service. Every business has different goals and challenges. This is why we provide solutions, not pricing plans. We offer value-based pricing and charge based on the goals you are trying to accomplish and how quickly you need to reach those goals. Let's start a conversation if you're interested in what an engagement with E-W looks like, but we'll give you an idea below.


We believe in clear, honest communication and that includes pricing.

You will find that our pricing falls in-line with industry standards. We've included some of our most common services below with pricing. Software costs are separate and would be additional. If you have questions about what an engagement with us may look like for your business, feel free to reach out to hello@eternalworks.com.

  • Inbound Marketing starts at $4,500/month
  • Growth Driven Design starts at $3,000/month
  • Web Design starts at $5,000
  • Pay Per Click Management starts at $1,000/month
  • Sales Enablement starts at $2,500


No one likes a surprise bill.

What's just as bad, we think, is a bill for more than what was expected. Our philosophy here is kind of like Discover's (we treat you like you treat you). We promise to ALWAYS discuss pricing. You will ALWAYS know how much a service is, and approve that price before we begin work. You will ALWAYS receive an itemized invoice (with words you can understand :) ). You will ALWAYS know when payment is expected. You can ALWAYS ask questions.

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