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Need a simple, easy to follow marketing plan?

  • Don't get hung up on a marketing plan.
  • Download this guide to create a marketing plan in minutes.
  • Write a plan that helps you target your ideal, best fit, customers.
  • Define your prospect's challenges and how you can help them.
  • Outline what you can offer your prospects and why they need it.
  • Outline marketing strategies that will help you grow month over month.



How do you know if this plan is for you?

  • You don't have a ton of time or expertise to create a detailed plan.
  • You need/want something easy to follow.
  • You are trying to increase revenue and know that you can improve your marketing efforts.
  • A marketing plan has been on your to-do list for too long.

This plan will help you focus your efforts on the right things, save time, and increase your revenue.

We've even included a video walk-through to show you how to use the plan.

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Arnel Tanyag
Tanyag & Associates