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Let us focus on marketing so you can focus on caring for your residents and patients. We can help with internal newsletters, social posts as well as external campaigns to bring in new residents and patients.
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Getting new patients and residents and retaining the ones you already have is your goal. We know because we know all about the healthcare industry (with an RN on staff ;) ) and we know what will help grow your company and build your wait list.

The decision to choose a health care provider or assisted living facility is oftentimes a long-considered process. As a potential patient or resident, there are a lot of questions you need answers to, so there is a lot of research involved. Comparing facilities, amenities, experience, specialties, reviews, etc.

The bad news is this may make for a long sales cycle. The good news is this is ideal for inbound marketing.

What's crazy is nearly 80% of a buyer's decision is made before they even speak to anyone from your company. That's shocking right? I know your first thought is wow, I have less influence on the buying process than I thought. But, the truth of the matter is you still have the opportunity to have the majority of the influence. You just need to have the information buyers are looking for out there, accessible, when and where they are looking for it, whether on your site, in a blog, in a brochure or other. That way, when they are researching they will find out about your company and what you have to offer. The real question is will you offer content that answers the questions they are asking? With our help, you can.

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