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Get the most out of the HubSpot CRM Platform. Get the results you want without feeling overwhelmed. Partner with Eternal Works for worry-free expert onboarding, consulting, implementation, and support for all of your HubSpot needs.

Why HubSpot?

  • We drink our own Kool-Aid.  Meaning, we are HubSpot users too!
  • Align your marketing, sales, and service teams to growth goals.
  • One integrated platform to support your entire business.
  • A user-friendly, intuitive interface.

Use cases

HubSpot is a powerful platform that offers a suite of tools for digital marketing, sales, and customer service. It provides businesses with a centralized location to manage the entire customer journey, from attracting visitors to closing deals and providing ongoing support. HubSpot's all-in-one approach, combined with its customizable features and robust analytics and reporting tools, make it the best choice for any business.
Below are some common use cases for HubSpot examples of how your company can use the platform to grow your marketing, sales, and customer service results. Whether you're a small business owner looking to improve your online presence or a large enterprise seeking to streamline your marketing and sales processes, HubSpot offers a range of benefits that can help you achieve your goals.

Use Cases For

Onboarding + Recruiting

Automated Hiring Process

Develop an automated hiring funnel that helps applicants go from applying on your website to interviewing to starting new hire onboarding.

Recruitment Pipeline

Manage applicants within a custom pipeline designed around your culture and hiring process. Easily manage applicants across all your job openings.

Password Protect Welcome pages

Create password-protected pages for prospects, clients, teams, vendors, and employees.

Password Protect Online Training

Develop online training programs only visible to paying customers, specific contacts, or your internal teams.

Use Cases For


Website Management

Easily control who has access to edit your site. Allow marketers to update content and add pages while your developers focus on building out new features.


Build pages personalized to specific industries, companies, or contacts with smart content. Create a better user experience for your website visitors.

Password Protected Members' Area

Create a members area for your website visitors. Use smart content to protect and restrict access as you see fit. 

Business Integration

Use HubSpot to automate business processes. Integrate your CRM directly into your website and other marketing tools.

Use Cases For

Sales Management

Lead management

Utilize lists, custom properties, deal pipelines, and automation to update and maintain your warm, hot, and cold leads.

Pipeline Management

Develop deal pipelines tailored to your sales process and use sales tools for pipeline generation.

Track Calls, Emails, + Texts

Use HubSpot's tools to track incoming and outgoing calls, emails, and texts with real-time engagement notifications.

Sales Reporting

Track sales performance and forecast company revenue. Get the data you need for sales reps, teams, managers, and opportunities. 

Use Cases For

Sales Enablement I

Sales Email Templates + Snippets

Help your sales reps save time and close deals faster by creating reusable email templates and content snippets.

Sales Playbooks

Support sales reps by creating playbooks that help them execute the sales process right every time.

Sales Automation

Utilize automation sequences and workflows to save time by assigning tasks, updating deals, and sending follow-up emails to sales reps.

Meeting Links

Stop emailing, calling, and texting back and forth, trying to find a time to schedule a meeting. Set up meeting links for every sales rep.

Use Cases For

Sales Enablement II

Password Protect Client pages

Reps and Account Managers can create password-protected pages for your clients.

Client-Specific Sales Pages

Sales reps and account managers can build sales pages specific to the client using their brand colors, relevant images, and company logo.

Quotes + Payments

Quickly write quotes and accept credit card or ACH payments within minutes, speeding up cash flow.


Use Cases For

Sales Reporting

Activity Reporting

Sales reps have a history of activity on every contact record, while sales managers can view reports on reps' calls, emails, meetings, and deals.

Deal Reporting

Get a full view of sales outcomes. Track average deal size, deal sources, deals won, and deals lost. 

Revenue Forecasting

Track your team's performance against quotas, expected revenue, and closed revenue across pipelines.

Pipeline Reporting

Track closed & lost deals in each pipeline. Report on the value and actual revenue generated from each pipeline.

Use Cases For


Content Marketing

Host, promote, and deliver your gated and ungated content to establish thought leadership in your industry.

Lead Generation + Nurturing

Set up landing pages, conversion paths, CTAs, pop-up forms, chatbots, and automated email workflows to drive engagement and sales.

Email Marketing

Directly engage your target audience with automated, personalized emails. Deliver relevant content to every contact in your database.

Attribution Reporting

Understand the value of each marketing touchpoint in your customer journey. Get insight into which marketing strategies are working.

Use Cases For


Ticket management

Create systems for automating the management of support tickets, customer onboarding, or hiring and recruitment.

Knowledge base

Let your website do the heavy lifting. Create a robust SEO-friendly FAQ area for prospects and customers to self-educate. 


Get feedback from prospects, customers, and employees to help improve processes, drive business expansion, and increase revenue.

Live Chat + Chatbots

Streamline website inquiries, answer common questions, and close sales faster by creating chatbots that help facilitate the buying process. 

Use Cases For


Data Management

Automate tasks for data cleanup to merge contacts, fill in missing information, and keep a clean and up-to-date contact database.

Integration Management

Stop looking at data in silos. Get a better picture of your business funnel by connecting and integrating your tech stack.

Custom Objects

Create objects that allow for better reporting on things that matter to your business, whether you need to track senior communities, cars, equipment, or properties.

Process Automation

Reduce repetitive, mundane tasks with automation. Manage deal stages, send notifications, automate prospect follow-up, list segmentation, and more.


Ready to grow your business? We got Hubs for that!  Connect and align your marketing, sales, services, web, and operations teams using the HubSpot CRM platform. Leverage the power of Marketing Hub, Sales, Hub, Service Hub, CMS Hub, or Ops Hub individually or realize the best results by using them together.

HubSpot CRM is a total business solution designed to support your business across teams and foster business growth.  It is the ultimate tool for businesses of any size. 

Gold partner

As a HubSpot Gold Certified Solutions Partner for 7+ years, we know our way around the software. By partnering with us, you’ll get access to our strategies, insights, and experience to ensure your Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, Services Hub, CMS Hub, and Operations Hub are set up and aligned with your business goals and processes.


We use HubSpot for our Sales, Marketing, Service, Web, and Operations. We’ve tested, experimented, and learned how it works so we can share our insights with your team. We know how to help you maximize your HubSpot software to grow your business.

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HubSpot Solutions Partner Certified

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HubSpot Client Management Certified

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Delivering Client Success Certified

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Guided Client Onboarding Certified

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Marketing Hub Implementation Certified

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CMS Hub Implementation Certified

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HubSpot Marketing Software Certified

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HubSpot Sales Software Certified

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Service Hub Software Certified

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HubSpot Reporting Certified

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Sales Enablement Certified

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Digital Marketing Certified

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HubSpot Email Marketing Certified

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Inbound Marketing Optimization Certified

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Social Media Marketing Certified

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Content Marketing Certified

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Certified

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Contextual Marketing Certified

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Growth-Driven Design Certified

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Sales Management Training Certified

Hubspot Services

Marketing email templates

Email Templates

Custom emails crafted for your target audience designed and then added to HubSpot’s drag and drop builder for you to use.

Portfolio showcase

Portfolio Showcase

Create a custom blog or drive updates with HubSpot’s database and make keeping your work in front of prospects easy.

Sales Enablement@300x

Sales Enablement

Drive sales growth and get expert help building out sequences, emails, and sales coaching + training insights.

CRM implementation@300x

CRM Deployment

Get the most out of your HubSpot CRM and fully customize it for your business so that you see what matters to you.

HS onboarding@300x

HubSpot Onboarding + Training

Completely customizable. Quickly get your team up to speed and trained on all that HubSpot’s platform has to offer.

View Onboarding Services

Data Management@300x

Data Management + Cleanup

Keep your HubSpot database clean, merge duplicates, manage contacts, and set up automation to do the heavy lifting.
Marketing Campaigns@300x

Marketing Campaign Creation

Drive brand awareness, traffic, leads, and sales directly to your website while tracking, reporting, and optimizing results.

+ Task Automation

Automate your marketing, sales, service, and operation tasks. Streamline processes and increase efficiency company-wide.
Smart Content@300x

Smart Content Elements

Display personalized website content based on visitor behavior and data.
Web Development
WP to HS CMS@300x

WordPress to HubSpot Migration

Move your existing site to a CMS can integrate with your entire business.
Web Development
Hubspot CMS Website@300x

HubSpot CMS Website Design

Build a business-integrated site connected with your CRM and easy to manage.
Web Development

Growth Driven Web Design

Continuously improve your website to increase results while reducing costs.
Custom Module Creation@300x

Module Creation

Tailor HubSpot according to your business objectives, systems, and processes.

Website Chatflows

Increase customer engagement with personalized and tailored interactions.
Knowledge base

Knowledge Base Setup

Improve your customer experience and SEO, while reducing support costs.
Blog Template@300x

Blog Templates

Ensure your blog is on-brand, organized for your audience, and easy to manage.

Portal Audit

If you don't think you're fully using your HubSpot tech, you're probably right. If you want advice on utilizing your HubSpot tools better, we can help.

  • Get a report on which tools are currently in use and how they impact your business.

  • Get a report on the tools not in use and how they can grow your business.

  • Get a plan for implementing the tools that will have the most impact on your business today.

  • Get fresh ideas on how you could be using HubSpot to make your business better.

  • Learn best practices for getting better results on your sales, marketing, customer service, web design, and operations.

Want a better return on your investment? Request a free portal audit now.

Request HubSpot Portal Audit
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website grader

Website Grader

Use our free online tool to learn how your site measures against KPIs like performance, mobile readiness, SEO, and security.


Grade My Website

ROI Calculator

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Are you considering buying marketing software? Use this calculator to determine the ROI you could experience with the HubSpot platform.


Calculate My ROI


See below for our most commonly asked questions and answers. If you have additional questions regarding the HubSpot services we offer, please contact us.


Eternal Works offers flat rates for projects and retainers for ongoing work. All retainers are based on each client's goals and objectives.  Projects are typically priced based on the hours required to complete the work or a flat rate for a specific set of deliverables.  An example of an hourly project would be a website design or migration where we know how many hours it will take per page, but the number of pages varies from client to client. An example of a flat-rate project is a persona project. It would be priced at a flat rate of $2,250.00, including up to 3 personas, and $600 for each additional persona.

No. Eternal Works does not do custom integrations however we are more than happy to introduce you to some of the top HubSpot Partners that build custom integrations.  We are even happy to hang around and do project management if you need someone who can translate geek… we mean tech talk).

Yes. Eternal Works has been a Certified HubSpot Partner for 7+ years.  We currently hold the status of Gold Solutions Partner.  This means that we’ve helped a specific minimum number of companies select the right software and get set up and running properly each year. We’re even measured by how many companies renew their subscriptions.  This means that we have a vested interest in your continued success.




Depending on the project, we typically offer 15 to 90 days of support, but you are always welcome to sign up for a monthly support plan. Support is included for all of our retainer clients.  Keep in mind that HubSpot has 24/7 support for its users as well.

We are happy to discuss your training needs. However, we don’t typically train on our agency services.  When we do, we charge a much higher rate to account for opportunity loss. It’s the cost of asking us to share our proprietary strategies, processes, and IP.

Simple. Schedule a quick discovery call to discuss your needs. We will present some recommendations including costs and timeline.  Once we align on a plan then we can submit a formal proposal or send over quote to get started.  You approve the quote, pay a deposit and schedule a kickoff call.