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Most of us don’t struggle to have conversations while in the sales process.  It’s getting more conversations that’s the issue.

It seems now days, more often we hear about the “X” steps for generating more sales using social media.  At the end of the day, not much changes from the last set of steps you read.

So, I’m not going to give you a new process or new steps for generating leads using social media.  I’m going to give you a list of sites that you can apply your existing strategies to gain more reach.

If you have a successful process for generating leads on LinkedIn, meaning you’ve worked it and generated new business, then you should be able to apply that same process to the following sites or vice versa.  

I say LinkedIn because that’s where I found success.  I have a process for LinkedIn that gets me new business.

Below is a list of B2B social networking sites, a brief description and a link to each.  I recommend working your way into them by adding a new site each week or month.  

This will allow you to make some adjustments in your workflow for each site, track results easily and not get overwhelmed trying to keep up with them all at once.  It’s better to ease you way into them unless you have a team working them with you.


  1. Alignable | www.alignable.com

    Alignable lists itself as a local business network that helps build meaningful relationships with other local business owners.  They promote connecting with the right people over connecting with more people. In Short quality over quantity.

    The site is fairly young; established in 2012, but gaining traction. The founders are really focused on connecting its members with their local business community. Alignable boasts over 1 million established relationships.

  2. Merchant Circle | www.merchantcircle.com

    Founded in 2005; Merchant Circle appears to be the largest network of local businesses.

    Their goal, according to Wikipedia is to h
    elp small businesses network with other local businesses and reach local customers through free marketing tools and social media features.

    They list more than 1.6 Million local businesses in their network.

  3. Locals Networking | www.localsnetworking.com

    While LN seems to be a smaller site in comparison to giants like LinkedIn and Merchant Circle, they should not be overlooked.

    They allow you to set up you own referral marketing network through online profiles.

    We have not seen much traction with it yet, but there may be some potential if they can get enough users. Give it a try.  If nothing else you’ll gain a backlink for your website.

  4. Angel List | www.angel.co

    I originally thought AngelList was a great place for investors to meet startups.  It turns out that this platform is a great place to connect with like minded people and another place to find business opportunities.

    The site is certainly geared towards startups, investors and angel funds, but these folks also need business services.  So why not dive in and see if you can connect with a few people.

  5. ProMatcher | www.promatcher.com

    Promatcher (formerly venturebeat) is another local business directory and network. The site encourages users to use it as a resource for determining costs and getting estimates for services.  

    It’s a free services that looks to connect small local businesses to local customers. They focus less on connecting users and more connecting buyers to solutions.

  6. Branded.me | www.branded.me

    With claims of being the fastest growing professional network in the world, Branded.me aims to connect local professionals.  

    While many tend to compare it to or consider it to LinkedIn; it’s actually quite a bite different.  Branded.me focuses on the individual professional over the resume feel of a traditional LinkedIn profile.  

    Regardless, Branded.me allows you to make individual connections that may be a bit difficult to reach in the 3rd tier and beyond on LinkedIn.

  7. BranchOut | www.branchout.com

    Most people know BranchOut from its Facebook app days.  Currently BranchOut is under construction promoting a new service and a better product for professionals.

    We signed up for the new rollout and hope to hear some good news soon.

  8. Opportunity | www.myopportunity.com

    Working to climb the social media prestige ladder is a site focused on generating leads for professionals.  Opportunity builds profiles based on the services a user provides and their most urgent business needs in an effort to match users with one another.

     If you say you need new desks in your office, Opportunity will share that information with other users that sell office furniture.  

    It’s an easy way to create a list of prospects with very little effort since the site does it for you.  They’ll even email you as new opportunities come up.

  9. Referral Key | www.referralkey.com

    Is another small business social site that allows its members to connect and share content with one another.  The goals seems to be to create closer networks and more referrals.  

    ReferralKey considers their site to be a fun way to help people and grow your business. It is certainly one of the easiest to learn and use.

  10. LinkedIn | www.linkedin.com


    LinkedIn is often used as a resume site, but you can generate a massive amount of sales leads if you have a good strategy.  

    LinkedIn proudly boasts over 433 million members making it the largest professional platform on the web. LinkedIn also provides a paid service that will automatically send you prospects.


Hopefully this list of sites, if you work them, will provide you with a few new prospects as you connect with more professionals and generate leads online. 

Shoot me an email and let me know which sites help you generate more B2B sales.

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