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If you want to attract customers to your business, you have to think from their point of view. You have to think about what they want and where they are in the process of achieving it. A potential customer who is just now identifying that they have a problem and isn't quite sure how to solve it is at an entirely different stage than established CEOs who know what their business needs and are now choosing the best software vendor for the job. Your videos need to speak to both of them. 

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The right content at the wrong time can sometimes turn a person off completely, so here are some videos to attract the customer still trying to define and understand the problem or opportunity presented to them.  At this stage, all they want is more information and the company that helps them with no strings attached earns their trust.

Educational Videos

Educational videos are great for potential customers who are new to your industry and aren't as familiar with navigating the ins and outs of your product or service line just yet. These are the people who will struggle following industry jargon, so in order to keep their attention, explain the benefits of your offerings to them first and then introduce them to industry terms in your videos.  Animated videos are useful to explain complex concepts. 

The benefits are essentially the value your business, your products, or the services offer your customers. These are the ultimate reasons why customers are purchasing your products and they usually fall between two categories-- they need to solve a problem or build on an opportunity. 

Use tools like buyer personas to learn more about who your customers are and what motivates them. This will allow your team to make better videos that inform your customers of how your industry can help them reach their goals and face their challenges. 

An important thing to note is that educational videos should be focused on being helpful and not salesy. People at this stage at ready to make a purchase yet. They simply want more information on how to solve their problem or maximize the benefits of this opportunity, so a salesman approach will be a huge turn off.


Industry News and Trends  

This is particularly important if you’re operating on a B2B level.  Your customers need to keep up with industry trends and news to stand out from the competition and grow. Timely video updates are an easy way to do this. Inform them of things like new technology that may aid them, mergers and acquisitions that change they key players in the market, or rising trends. Make videos about any news that could shift the landscape by posing an opportunity or a threat to your customers’ growth.

Also warn them of potential pitfalls, like social, economic, technological, geographical, and government challenges that may hinder to them. For example, if you’re a B2B company, there may be new government regulations that cause the quality of their product or services to suffer, so if your customers are given advance notice, this will give them more time to figure out how to circumvent that. This practice will make you customers even more loyal and appreciative of your business. 


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How-to Videos

How-to Videos are a great way to attract people to your site from search engines.  When people don’t understand how to do something, they often search how to do it, and they’re far more likely to click on a video for a quick fix than read an essay about it.  Offering solutions for common issues your customers experience is great source of video content.

If your company already provides many blogs or FAQs, simply turn them into videos. If your blogs are long, condense them or break them up into series of videos. Many businesses have noticed a sharp spike in engagement when this information is translated to to video form. Live demonstrations are particularly useful here.

How-to videos content suits people who learn in many different ways,  whether it be visually, auditory, hands-on, or a mix. When people find everything they need take in information one source, they will continue to come back and use it as a resource and share it.


Entertaining/Relatable Videos

People are drawn to the familiar, so making videos that are relatable to your customers is good way to attract them. Any research your team has done behind their goals and challenges and outside interests will be useful here as well. 

You could also make videos that align with your customers' personalities, like their sense of humor and their taste in movies or music--as long as you can find a way to relate it back to your business. When your potential  customers are searching social media about a movie they love, your video post will come up and the connection to their interest will make them more likely to watch. It's a great way to grab their attention and make your content and your company known to them.

This is why it's essential to make an effort to engage your audience where they naturally gather. Figure out which social networking sites they favor and forums they frequent. What kind of content they are drawn to consume and use that to your advantage. Before you know it, video will be a steady part of driving traction to your website and instead of searching far and wide for customers, customers will be coming to you.


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