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Tech buyers are turning more and more to influencers to help them make their final purchase decision. Influencers are people who have gained a large following usually by just talking or doing what they love to do. They provide content that speaks to people who are similarly passionate about a particular industry or subject. Influencers have become so trusted by these followers and can often impact the decisions they make, making them live up to their name as influential figures for drumming up business. In fact, influencers have become one of the top ways tech companies can gain new customers on the Internet.

Influencer marketing has often been thought of as something that could only work for B2C companies, but as the world has shifted more and more firmly to be integrated with technology, the average person also needed to become more knowledgeable about technology to continue to compete in their respective industries. Now it is more common for highly influential business people to seek out an influencer providing fresh business approaches that keep up with the technology's grueling pace.

So how did influencers become a powerful marketing tool? Let’s look at the reasons why. 


Influencers allow your company to reach a wider range of people, but without investing the time and money needed for traditional marketing approaches like commercials. One viral tweet in the reach of people who fit your target customer is far more effective than a commercial blasted out to many people who will never have any intention of purchasing your tech.



Influencer marketing encourages more engagement than traditional marketing. This allows the influencer to be a bridge between your company and your current or potential customers, making you more aware of any thoughts and feelings your customer base has towards your brand. Incorporating information from these dialogues into future business endeavors would also let your customers know that their opinions matter, which will inspire more loyalty to your company, helping your business to retain customers.



Content marketing is a marketing approach focused on creating and sharing content that attracts a particular type of person, usually an ideal customer for a business. Influencers usually start with posting about one of their passions. For example, someone who constantly purchases Apple products may start a blog reviewing them. Eventually, the blog becomes popular and their reach grows from there. 

Through a barrage of blogs, videos, social media posts, and other things shared by influencers, their followers come to trust their opinions and believe that they have knowledge that won’t steer them wrong. When your tech comes into their content marketing mix from a genuine place, those feelings will extend to your company as well. 

So now that we know why how influencers can help, how can you connect you tech to one?

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If you link your business to an influencer that won’t connect with your customers, then that’s just wasting everyone’s time. Identify who your customers by studying information like their demographics, interests, and motivations. This helps with identifying potential influencers that will speak to their best interest. As your company combs through this customer data, you will begin to notice similarities amongst your customers. This will allow your company to create groupings of similar people with similar goals and challenges. These groups are called buyer personas and serve as representations of your customers.

Buyer personas are often given names like “Manager Mark” to describe them. Manager Mark could be a project manager who's a married father of 3 children. Manager Mark looking for team collaboration software to improve efficiency on his projects from different locations around the world. Businesses can have one or multiple buyer personas. It depends on how viable this persona is as a significant money maker for your company or the potential to be one in the future. When you know more about your customers, it’s easier to determine what type of people, content, and information in general they’re drawn towards.


You also need to figure out which influencers your customers are already in touch with. Your customers can often guide you to the best influencers to motivate them, because they already follow and trust them. Scan your customers’ social media and see if there are any influential people who seem to constantly be making an appearance. Check your customers' retweets, the groups they’ve joined, and who they’re following. The influencers your customers gravitate towards are people who resonates deeply with your customer base and presenting content that is relevant to their interest. 



People are perceptive and know when something presented to them is just a glaring advertisement. This is another reason to make sure your influencer and your customer base are actually quite similar, not only to improve their connection with your customers, but to gain more influencers as customers of your tech as well. This way, their appreciation and interest in your company will be more genuine. This genuine interest come across in the content that they present to their followers, whether they share your company’s content and create content themselves. This will make people trust that your tech is highly capable and has all the benefits your influencer says it does, which brings a higher level of respect and credibility to your offerings.



Once your company finds genuine influencers, collaborate with them. Give them exclusive previews to present to their followers, ask them to review your tech, and other content they can present at their own personal engagements to promote themselves. All of these things will help influencers gain more followers, creating a mutually beneficial relationship.