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Top Social Media Platforms for Business [choose the right one for you]


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We live in an age and era where digital technologies have revolutionized everything, especially marketing strategies. Also, recently the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, and many companies were forced to move to digital marketing models to sustain profitability. 

With sites like Facebook recording 2.89 billion visits per month and Twitter registering 350,000 tweets every minute, you need to position your brand strategically to tap into this humongous pool of potential clients and increase traffic to your website. Now, you cannot employ a cookie-cutter approach to social. Your social strategy should be custom to your audience, based on the problems you solve for them. For instance, you have to begin with ensuring that you're on the same social media platform your audience is on, and interact with them. 

Therefore, to keep track of everything and cover your bases, we have put together this comprehensive guide to discuss important tips you can use to choose the right social platforms for your company. Read on to find out. 


How to Choose the Right Social Media Platform for Your Business

Currently, there are so many social media platforms out there that you can join to advertise your brand, and sometimes, these options can be overwhelming. Here are some options to get you started:


1. TikTok for Business

TikTok, the raging social media platform, is not just a place for funny lip-sync videos, but also a place to showcase products and services. The app's algorithm uses AI to provide users with recommendations on which videos they should watch based on their past viewings, and businesses can exploit this to their advantage to reach clients in a fun, creative, and interactive way.

Here are some astonishing numbers that might just convince you to try TikTok for business. 

  • The app has 1 billion monthly active users.

  • Out of 4.8 billion internet users worldwide, 20.83% use TikTok.

  • 22.4% of TikTok users in the US are 20-29 years old as of March 2021.

  • As of March 2021, users in their teens accounted for 25% of TikTok's active user accounts in the United States. 

  •  47.4% of TikTok users in the US are under the age of 30.

  • As of May 2020, 40.2% of TikTok users in the United States had a household income of 100,000 USD and over.

2. Instagram Business Profile

If you want your brand to generate a following on Instagram and use the platform strategically, you definitely need an Instagram business profile. That is because a business profile incorporates features that improve usability as a brand, and benefit your company in the following ways:

You'll be taken more seriously by clients: a business profile gives more information, including your niche, an address, and a contact button, among other things, to give your brand's profile a more professional look. 

You get access to analytics: you can monitor things like your performance, follower activity, and audience insights to know how well (or badly) your content is doing.  

You can take advantage of Instagram advertising: tag your products in your posts to generate more traffic.

Let's take a look at some of the numbers behind Instagram.

  • With approximately 1 billion monthly active users, Instagram belongs to one of the largest social networks in the world.

  •  The app is mostly used in the U.S. and India, with a share of 140 million Instagram accounts each.

  • 24% of Instagram users open the app multiple times per day.

  • 1.16 billion: The potential audience reaches for advertisers on Instagram as of 2020.

  •  As of July 2021, 31.4% of U.S. Instagram users were between 25 and 34 years old.

  • Overall, roughly 58% of Instagram audiences in the United States were female.

3. Facebook Business page

While it is true that Facebook started off as a way for college students and younger adults to connect online, the app has definitely evolved beyond that. A Facebook business page is one of the best ways to connect with your audience and build a following for your brand. 

A branded Facebook page will make it easier for your customers to find you. It is one of the most powerful ways to expand your reach and increase your business's awareness online. 

Here are some numbers and facts about Facebook:

  • With roughly 2.89 billion monthly active users as of the second quarter of 2021, Facebook is the biggest social network worldwide.

  • As of October 2021, over 56% of Facebook users worldwide were male.

  • Approximately 5% of Facebook's worldwide monthly active users are fake accounts.

  • Between July and September 2020, Facebook says its advertising growth rate was up 22% from the previous year.

  • 73% of U.S. Facebook users check the platform daily, and 93% use it weekly. 

4. Youtube Business Account

If you're interested in a platform to help you get your products and services in front of as many people as possible, all without breaking the bank, then, a YouTube business account is what you've been looking for. Incorporating it into your marketing strategies, and using it regularly can prove to be very cost-effective. 

Some of the statistics on YouTube:

  • YouTube is the second-largest engine on the Internet.

  • With over 126 million unique monthly viewers, YouTube is by far the most popular online video property in the United States. 

  • YouTube is most popular with users 35 and under, but only slightly. 73% of Americans aged 36 to 45 use YouTube, along with 70% of those aged 46 to 55 and 67% of those 56 and older.

  • In 2021, YouTube's user base in the United States amounts to approximately 203.80 million users.

  • As of the third quarter of 2020, it was found that 62% of YouTube users in the United States accessed the video platform daily.

  • 80% of U.S. parents of children 11 and under say their kids watch YouTube.

5. Twitter for Business

According to Twitter, brand involvement in culture is especially important among customers aged 18-35, and those on Twitter vs. the general population are more informed, passionate, and feel strongly about brands aligning with culture. 

Twitter for business avails you with just the right platform where you can connect to a powerful and passionate audience, make an impact and drive results. 

Here are some statics on Twitter:

  • The social network Twitter is particularly popular in the United States, where, as of October 2021, the microblogging service had an audience reach of 77.75 million users. Japan and India were ranked second and third with more than 58 and 24.5 million users respectively.

  • In the last reported quarter of 2021, the number of global monetizable daily active users (mDAU) on Twitter amounted to 211 million users.

  • As of April 2021, Twitter's global audience was composed of 38.5% of users aged between 25 and 34 years old.

  • 90% of the U.S. population is familiar with Twitter (even if they don't use it).

  • 70.4% of Twitter users worldwide were male, as of October 2021.

6. LinkedIn Business page

LinkedIn is more than just a social media site where you can go job hunting to grow professionally. You can also utilize it as a tool for generating new ideas and nurturing referral relationships.  Setting up a LinkedIn company page is not only beneficial in networking and prospecting for quality sales but also, helps establish your public image on a global scale as a trustworthy and reputable company. 

Some of the statistics on LinkedIn include:

  • In 2021, LinkedIn's user base in the United States amounts to approximately 169.00 million users, while globally, LinkedIn's user base amounts to approximately 774.61million users.

  •  As of March 2021, 17.1% of Android LinkedIn app owners in the United States accessed the job searching app daily. According to App Ape, 48.5% of U.S. LinkedIn app audiences were monthly active users.

  • As of October 2021, over 43% of LinkedIn users worldwide were women. 

  • LinkedIn is available in 24 languages

  • LinkedIn is the most trusted social network in the U.S. 73% of social media users at least somewhat agree that LinkedIn protects their privacy and data.

7. Snapchat Business Account

Since its launch in 2011, Snapchat has evolved to offer new and exciting features- not just for your average user, but also for businesses. When you are not knee-deep in the geo-filters, Snapchat is a great marketing tool to increase your social media presence and build brand awareness among millennials and Gen Z'ers.

Some statistics about Snapchat that you should know:

  • Snapchat currently has 293 million daily active users worldwide.

  • 32.42% (92 million) of Snapchat daily active users are based in North America.

  •  As of October 2021, more than 54% of Snapchat users were female and nearly 45% were male.

  •  As of the third quarter of 2020, 48% of U.S. internet users aged 15 to 25 years used the photo-sharing app Snapchat.

  •  As of the third quarter of 2021, the photo and video sharing app Snapchat had 306 million daily active users worldwide.

Eternal Works can help you get results. Schedule a call today, and we will help you to choose the right social platforms for your business, based on your audience and services, to create a brand presence that resonates with your audience.