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The influence of video marketing has risen drastically worldwide over the past year. According to Hubpsot, marketers found that 97% of their customers understood their products better through video. They also found that 72% of people preferred to learn from video and that 83% of people share videos with their friends. Experts say that tech companies would find video particularly useful for a variety of reasons. Here are some examples of different types of videos tech companies should incorporate to maximize the reach and impact of their marketing approach, as well as some tips on how your company may improve these videos if you aren't seeing the results you'd like.


Product/Service Promotion Videos

In these types of videos, your company should create short videos explaining its tech products and services. Focus on the key benefits they offer as the driving force behind the videos, as this will resonate more deeply to a wider range of customers. For example, does your product make collaboration between teams easier? Then include that. Don’t tell exact download speeds but state the reality. If it’s faster than the competition, say it. Non-tech customers only care about the bottom line. If your target customer is a tech enthusiast, this is when you can add in more information on the technical details.

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Training Guides

Training guide videos should help customers with any installation and learn how to use the main functions of your tech software or product. It should promote seamless customer onboarding and help your customers quickly get up and running using your tech instead of scratching their head in frustration. Think of it this way: the more your customers can happily achieve what they set out to do by using your product, the more likely they will be retained as your customer.


Tutorial Videos

Tutorials should be more detailed than training guides and help walk though customers any task your tech could do. The easiest way to go about this would be to break up your user guide that already exists and translate that into videos. It’s become more and more common for people to type their questions into Google and be led to a video of someone on YouTube telling them what to do, but the problem is that person is often not a professional and may do more harm than good.


Explainer Videos

These videos can also go beyond your offerings and help your customers with the any challenges they face in your industry, or, if they’re from another business, their own. Animations are particularly useful for tech companies to relay concepts to customers. These videos should show that your team knows what they’re talking about and that quiet confidence with helpful content to back it up makes your offerings more appealing and trustworthy to customers.

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Brand/Organizational Culture Videos

Brand videos help familiarize your customers with your company. Think how many people are familiar with everything Apple offers whether it’s Apple Music, iPhones, or the Apple Watch. This is all because of careful advertising of Apple’s product line as well as how they can integrate and work together for customers. They also show off the culture of your business. If your business is more laid back, your videos should be too. If your company has a fun and friendly vibe, incorporate that into your videos as well. Your videos should give off the same feeling and atmosphere as what walking into your store would feel like for your customers and your promotional videos.


FAQ Videos

Turning some of your most asked customer support questions into a set of FAQ videos can come with a bonus for both your customers and your customer support team. People still often struggle to troubleshoot their own tech issues from just reading a guide and viewing a diagram. When you can provide customers with more realistic visualizations and one thorough explanation, that can help increase your customers ability to handle the issue themselves. Your customer support team may thank you for this one.


Demo Videos

Demo videos are usually one of the last things your customers will look at before deciding to purchase, so show your tech offerings and the benefits that can be achieved with them in their full glory. Also be sure to present them as an offer, with customers needing to fill out a form before viewing the video. In exchange for basic consultation information, potential customers can have access to information. This will also help your company get a clear idea of what they’re interested and close the deal.


Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonials are a great tool to help enlighten someone who’s stlll weighing their options between your company and others. These videos should include positive customer experiences with your company, your employees, your software and any other tech in your arsenal. You name it. Just don’t make it sound too good to be true. People are perceptive and will realize if there’s nothing but glowing reviews coming through. Just make sure you have an understanding of what makes customers choose your company and include that.


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