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Are Your IT Business Landing Pages Built for the Split Screen?


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Written by Tim Jones, CEO + Founder
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Remote working has been significantly increasing in the United States for the last decade. In fact, the number rose from 3.9 million people in 2015 to 4.7 million in 2019, according to FlexJobs. In 2020, a survey by Upwork revealed that 56.5 percent of the workforce was telecommuting at least part of the time. Besides, this trend is not coming to an end as forecast indicates that the remote workforce will comprise 36.2 million people by 2025.

All these people are working from home using laptops or single screens. As a result, there has been a change of work processes to depend more on split screening. Split-screen designs are full-screen web components consisting of two or more equal vertical columns.

With the landing page being the first real opportunity to present your business or product, design is crucial to accommodate split screening.  

A website design that incorporates a split-screen has several advantages, from mobile compatibility to user-friendliness. While the design has implications for the user experience, if you fail to have a sound and logical consideration when embracing it, improper execution can lead to a horrible viewing experience.

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Why Use Split-Screen Content

1. Influence Decision Making

Many businesses concentrate a lot on user experience. A user-friendly split screening allows your business attracts the appropriate audience. Besides, a spectacular design improves customer experience and may influence them to consider your service. Instead of dropping content aimlessly on the website, it is better to build your landing pages for a split-screen for a captivating, more tangible, and personalized user experience.


2. Captivating Design Pattern

When you prioritize spectacular design patterns, you can boost your brand identity, helping you become a leader in the industry. Reputable companies in the world can attribute their success to having charming design patterns. It attracts your potential clients and helps in the promotion of brand values. With a great design, your business and brand can deliver ideas and communicate effectively. You can work on many elements, including changes in fonts, colors, and images.


3. Enhances Mobile User Experience

There is a need to enhance the mobile user experience considering that more people are turning to mobile phones to access the internet.  Your landing pages need to have a similar experience on mobile phones and desktops. A mobile-optimized website can help you in building a loyal customer fanbase regardless of the services you offer.


4. Streamlined Visual Flow

Visual content takes viewers using fine lines, color depth, and stunning shapes. Visual flow denotes visual movement and helps clients decide and encourage them to reach out to your experts. Visual design on split-screen content should be much faster to help guide potential clients to accomplish their goals. The creation of a visual flow movement involves the segmentation of text blocks, dynamic images, or navigation.


5. Enhances Vertical Image

Whether you are an IT company or a healthcare facility, there is a need to use high-end vertical images since it is convenient on split-screen content to display the services you are offering. However, while using the vertical images, you must ensure they are of the right size and fully optimized.


Split-Screen Design Options

There are four captivating options for split-screen designs.


1. Use of Animations

Animations can be a great way of capturing your audience's attention and making the split screening more attractive. Popular brands use high-end animations to develop a comprehensive website design for their split-screen. That includes a fun-filled animated layout that perfectly aligns with the split-screen content.


2. Card-Based Concept

You need to think of your split screen as an embellished business card that delivers a single powerful message. That way, it is possible to have a split-screen layout that suits the audience you are targeting.


3. Bold Color and Vibrant Typography

In this design, the focus is on the material design, bold colors, and vibrant typography, which emerge as the biggest trendsetters. Vibrant typography and bold colors are visually stimulating and help in highlighting the text content. A perfect combination of color and font results in a visually interesting design.


4. Drawing Attention

Split screening is a remarkable option to create a stunning visual design. It can assist in building a larger focal point that draws attention to the call-to-action button. Combining the negative space with the bold vertical photos increases focus on crucial areas, provided you don't use cluttered texts and oversized images. Furthermore, with split screening that uses a simple design, there are fewer user interface clutter chances.


Move to Split-Screening Today!

As you move on to incorporate split screening content, there are several considerations you need to make. It is indeed a trend and a cool move, but you need to establish whether the available negative space is adequate for your layout to function. While the display on desktop sites is horizontal, each component in split-screen designs has a kind of vertical viewpoint within the main display.

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