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sticky software

Sticky software lives up to its name. It has all the key ingredients to make a customer want to stick with your software through thick and thin. Even if they have some sleight grievances, the benefits it provides outweighs them all. Customers typically report becoming so attached to a sticky product that they feel like they would miss out if they went with another option.

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What is Sticky Software?

Sticky software either provides a unique solution to problem or it provides a unique customer experience. The reason sticky software makes customers so loyal is because it essentially provides a solution to an untapped market in a way that makes their lives easier or creates a unique experience.


Think of sticky software in a B2B environment. It would have to be integrated into their daily operations and be a crucial part of helping them meet their daily bottom line. Sticky software will help businesses do things like improve efficiency, inventory organization, and make their overall work experience much smoother. It doesn't just do this well--it provides a competitive advantage, giving these companies an edge over their competition. If they stopped using this software, there whole business would suffer.


Built-In Audience

The great thing about sticky software is that it forces tech companies to think about marketing before they make their product. The software itself was birthed from customer concerns and wants, so tech companies already know and have access to information about who they want to attract with it.

This not only gives the software a much better chance of success, it makes it much easier to plot out a market campaign and promote the software with an audience already ready, anticipating, and eager to provide assistance.


Improves Customer Experience

Stickiness starts with listening to your customers, so it helps your team build better software. When you actively build your software while getting customer input, testing it with them, and making changes as necessary, you’ve made software as tailored to their needs, wants, and concerns as possible.


It also helps you catch issues and fix them early, instead of later. If a major issue is found after the launch, you’ll be cutting into your own profit to fix it because it will much more costly than if it had been caught in development.


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Attracts Customers

When your team works to actively listen to customers and provide solutions, word gets out. If marketed well, it would be a great way to attract frustrated customers away from your competitors who are looking for similar solutions and attention.


Be sure to include customer testimonials in your advertising and social. Let your customers explain how your software has changed their lives in their own words. Speaking naturally, they will build a connection easily with those suffering from similar doubts and who want to ask similar questions to determine if this software is the solution for them.


Reduces Churn

If you’re experiencing customers not using your software or easily churning, that’s a sign that your software either has no sticky qualities or your customers weren’t properly on-boarded. As long as your customers understand how to use a sticky software’s features to accomplish their goals, they will find it difficult to be without it.


Sticky software helps solve the issue of free-falling user utilization numbers. You’ve provided a solution to them essential to meeting their goals and challenges, and with on-boarding, you’ve helped them see the value in it. You’ve shown them that it has results. Also be sure to follow up with customer support, maintenance, and training options. Then you’ve done your part in building their customer lifetime value—the software will do the rest.


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