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Wirebuzz found that people retain 95% of the information they lean from a video, while only 5% of what’s available in text. This makes it clear that one of the best ways to get people to listen and make a purchase is through video content. Video marketing could be used to help your company not only gain a loyal following of customers, but retain them.

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In a world where acquiring a customer is far more costly than retaining one, video marketing could be a rewarding strategy that could make quite the difference. So how can your company use video marketing to create loyal following of active promoters?


 Attract People to Your Business

It’s been established that prefer to watch videos over reading when taking in information. If your company already has videos in place addressing common questions and concerns about your industry and the products and services it provides, you’ve already done half the job of grabbing a potential custome. Now you just need to provide the information they’re looking for in clear and concise videos and help them find you.

You can attract these people by thinking from their point of view. What searches would potentially lead this person to your company? Think of the common issues your customers have and make videos that explain these problems and offer solutions. Don’t go into sales mode just yet. This stage is about earning people’s trust as a company that knows what they’re talking about and is knowledgeable in their industry.

Also make videos marketing the value of your business and the benefits of your products and services. These are the things you do better than most of your competitors as well as what your customers would list as positives about your company. It could be anything from timeliness, to superior quality, to pleasant personalities.

Your videos can be educational and/or entertaining as both encourage sharing on social media. Any approach can make the difference in choice between two businesses for a potential customer.


Convert those Visitors Into Leads (or Potential Customers)

In this stage of video marketing, you’re tying to encourage the potential customers attracted to your website or YouTube channel to provide you their contact information. This information can be used to send them more targeted information and product or subscription deals to encourage them to become a customer down the line.

People are only willing to enter their contact information into forms for an offer worth the potential spam in their inbox (Don’t spam them, please, 2-3 emails a week is enough to get your point across). These offers could include videos that go into more detail on concepts related to the earlier mentioned solutions, goals, and challenges faced by you customers while using products and services in your industry.

Helpful, informative, entertaining, and in depth content encourages people to subscribe to your site and it also gives you an idea of what they are interested in before you connect with them. Other potential offers can include video tutorials, video guides, and video tips and tricks related to your industry.

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 Close Leads into Customers

As people have submitted forms and have become official points of contact for your company, use that information to create a more targeted approach. Observe what video offers are encouraging people to share their information. This can be tracked through CRM software. CRM will also collect what other aspects of your website encouraged engagement from these particular users.

Use this information to group your customers into similar factions who want the same things from your business. These groups can be used to send more targeted emails that speak to their individual needs and wants. Think low cost shoppers, established companies, growing startups, or early adopters eager to hop on the latest technology.

For example, these targeted emails could contain links to related videos they might find helpful or entertaining or provide them information or deals on products or services that may entice them to become a customer.It’s extremely difficult and time consuming to create a personalized email for every single person, but this approach allows your business to get as close catering to their specific needs as you can.

Use this information to provide them with videos to help them make their final purchase decision. These include video comparisons to you competition, customer testimonials, and demos of your products or services in action. Once again, it’s best to show off what you do best and what would make someone choose your company over the competition.


Delight Your Customers to Retain Them


Now that you’ve encouraged people to become customers, how can you retain their loyalty and turn them into advocates for your company? The answer is by keeping them happy and exceeding their expectations.

What do customers love? Customers love deals, special offers, and to feel like someone is listening to and catering to them. Listen to customers and be proactive in meeting their needs. This is how you exceed expectations. If your customers are likely to be interested in a new trend sweeping the industry, create a video about it. If your customers are struggling to fully understand the special features of your tech, create a video about it. 

For example, you could create videos by using customer concerns expressed through social media that address the problems or opportunities they’re facing.. Use terms and explanations your average customer would understand, not heavy industry jargon. There’s no point in creating videos if people can’t even understand them. 

People appreciate this effort and want to share it and their experience using your products and services successfully, which helps your company acquire more customers. All of these videos come together to create a perfect storm of promotion that people expect from your business, and when other companies lack this level of attention, it becomes even more glaring to people weighing their options.

Following these steps lets people know that they’re not just a customer to your company, it makes them feel valued, and that is plays a big part in encouraging people to be loyal and happy right where they are.

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