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Written by Kimberlie Williams

Video marketing is becoming more and more popular as buyers in every industry continue to gravitate towards it for its ease of use and visualizations that create a deeper understanding. It’s expected to become a dominant form of marketing by next year, so how can tech companies capitalize on this? The buyers journey provides an outline for how you can use video marketing to improve you connection with your customers.


The buyer’s journey is the research process a customer goes through before making their final purchase decision. It helps businesses think from their potential customers’ point of view and improve their marketing to attract and retain them. On this journey, customers identify a problem or opportunity, research possible solutions, and then choose the business that will best help them tackle the situation. The job of your business is to have video content at each stage is to eventually guide them into choosing your business. The buyers’ journey consists of three stages: awareness, consideration, and decision.



Awareness stage occurs when a buyer becomes aware that they have a problem or opportunity, but they still need more information to understand the full scope of it. For example, if you’re a cloud service provider, your would create awareness stage videos to attract customers looking for more information on issues that can be handled by cloud providers. Examples include videos covering increasing scalability, optimizing collaboration, and sharing resources. This helps establish your company as a trustworthy authority on the subject, which in turn will make buyers more receptive to the idea that your offerings will help them. 

  • Videos to create:
    Create educational videos detailing the tech challenges your buyers face while trying to meet their objectives. Whether they are B2C or B2B, your customers will appreciate the assistance and come to trust your company as one that can offer solutions for them.


The consideration stage offers a possible solution to the problem or opportunity your customer had in the awareness stage. Here, create videos that describe how the capabilities of the tech in your specific industry would help resolve their buyer’s awareness problem. For our cloud company, this would be any cloud-related technology. This process should be done without mentioning any of your business offerings by name. This is because, at this stage, the buyer is not ready to purchase, so emphasizing helpfulness without being too pushy is key to keeping them interested and engaged.

For example, the cloud provider would create videos explaining what the cloud is and why it would be the best solution to help them resolve their awareness stage issue.

  • Videos to create:
    Create explainer videos detailing the tech concepts of your industry and how they can be used to provide solutions to your customers’ awareness stage concerns. If you’re using technical jargon, explain what it means so that your entire customer base can understand your videos. Your customers will thank you. 

Animated videos also help customers visualize difficult to grasp concepts even better.



Finally, the decision stage is when customers have chosen a particular solution, in this case a cloud provider, and are now choosing the best vendor for the job. Now it’s the time to bring your specific tech and services offerings forward and promote them through video to help  convince your potential customers that you have  the best tech for the job. These decision stage videos should answer the question what does your company do better than the competition? It should also show off your company’s strengths in general.

Videos to create:
  • Customer testimonials featuring happy customers who have used your tech product or service speaking honestly about your company has helped them in the face of their goals and challenges will help possible buyers decide if your tech and services will suit their needs.
  • Also provide demos showing off how your particular tech works, because, for example, sometimes seeing the differences in how software is used various cases can change someone’s mind as well. Training guides and how-to videos will also work to give your potential customers a better full picture of your tech.
  • Brand videos will help your company be seen as a leader in your industry by making customers familiar with your strengths, overall mission as a business, and product or service line. When buyers are familiar with your offerings and happy with your business, they can be the best walking advertisement.