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Ideal First Day at Work: [3 Ways to Start With the Best Foot Forward]


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Having cold sweats thinking about your first day at work? It’s time to sweep all those toxic thoughts away!


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How would I describe my perfect first day at work?

Everybody has been nervous when starting a new position, especially on the first day. Those who say that they weren’t nervous on their first day at work guess what, they were lying. Nonetheless, we can choose how we handle our nervousness to stay in control of the situation.

One of the best practices to create the right mindset is projecting into your mind the events that would make your day perfect. This way, instead of filling your mind with everything that could go wrong you will fill it with everything that could be wonderful.

In the next sections, I’ll guide you through what would be my best first day ever.

1. Moments before arriving at the office.

young lady sitting on couch drinking coffee and reading a magazineA good day at work starts way before arriving at the workplace. What happens in the first hours after waking up is essential to set the right mood for the day. I would make sure I have my favorite breakfast along with a fresh cup of coffee. A happy stomach is a happy person, at least if that person is me. Food has demonstrated throughout my life to be my best morning ally.

Once my senses have awakened thanks to the coffee, it’s time to get dressed. I would choose something that makes me feel confident while being comfortable. The last thing I want is to wear some clothes that may create body discomfort and unconsciously make me feel more nervous and distract me from what matters.

Right before leaving, I would meditate for ten minutes. Meditation helps me empty my mind; this would allow me to stop overthinking and start my journey to the workplace feeling the best in my skin.

2. First impressions at the workplace.

For the best start possible, I imagine my boss greeting me as I arrive at the office. He is pleasant and polite, makes one joke or two to prevent me from being nervous.

Before sitting, to start talking about my role, he shows me the workplace and introduces me to my co-workers. In my ideal situation, everyone is smiling; and seems as happy to meet me as I am to meet them.

After that delightful first impression, I would feel welcome in my new company and excited to start working.

3. Getting started on my role.

Now, I would be in the perfect mindset to start learning about the company’s ways of working.

I love to have as much information as possible before starting to work on anything. On my ideal first day at work, my boss and co-workers would inform me about the company’s long-term and short-term goals, policies, and ways of internal communication.

Afterward, somebody would show me the software and tools that I’ll be using daily.
By the time I start working on my assignments, I would feel at ease. Confident enough to ask my co-workers any questions in case I have any doubts.

I would be able to complete all my tasks successfully. Making my employer proud that they chose me amongst all candidates.

If my day goes as I have told you, I would be elated.



Having the first day like that one, as soon as I get back home, I would be telling my husband everything about how great my new job is.

The truth is, I would even tell my neighbors in the elevator about my day.

When it comes to having the best first day at work, it is less about what you will be doing and how. It is all about feeling you are in the right company, feeling welcome and surrounded by a good team.

To make sure your day is close enough to your ideal one, you must look for companies that can provide a good working environment.

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