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Think About What Your IT Business Customers Need in 2025


Picture of Tim Jones, CEO + Founder
Written by Tim Jones, CEO + Founder
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Every year technological innovations like smartphones, streaming services, and artificial intelligence have continually disrupted the status quo. Landline telephones, movie rental stores, and fully human-staffed service desks are becoming technological cul-de-sacs. So, it is crucial to start thinking about what your business customers will need in 2025, the fast-approaching halfway mark of the current decade.

The challenge is to keep up with trends, while at the same time keeping a sharp focus on your core competencies with an eye on the future. Instead of giving in to the distraction and hype, you should focus on leveraging your existing expertise and concentrating on your customers' future needs.

Economic and technology predictions are as plentiful as stars in the night sky. One ideal example of this is Gartner. In its press release dated February 1, 2023, Gartner predicts an "increased reliance on technology" that "will impact technology providers through 2025." Unless you have been visiting Mars during the past ten years, that prediction comes as no surprise.

Then there's this article in CIO's online magazine. The author recognizes that Chief Information Officers must "acknowledge they don't fully know what they'll need for 2025." Nevertheless, with a good sense of what's ahead, forward-looking CIOs can be busy prepping for innovations.

That prepping means sketching out a roadmap that includes:

  • shedding legacy technologies
  • developing a talent strategy along with training requirements
  • selecting vendors who can keep up
  • aligning IT plans and programs with the organization's business goals

This blog outlines some common insights on what's coming by 2025. The snippets encapsulate common themes on what the experts think is coming down the road and what IT providers need to do to ensure they're prepared.


The Top Technology Trends for IT Companies to Prepare for in 2025



IT companies should be preparing for the aforementioned greater reliance on automation. As competition heats up, businesses will continue to look for ways to streamline their operations and cut costs. In pursuit of the latter, consumers will increasingly turn to automation. IT companies who are ready to help with the latest automation tools will be in high demand.


Advanced Analytics and AI

As businesses become more data-driven, they will need IT partners who can help them extract insights and value from their data. This will require expertise in advanced analytics and AI technologies.  AI has already shown promise in revolutionizing the way businesses operate. IT companies that can provide expertise in AI technologies, while also addressing ethical concerns and potential biases in those AI algorithms, will be highly sought after.


Advanced Robotics

With advancements in robotics technology, manufacturing businesses can automate more tasks and improve efficiency. IT companies must invest in developing and integrating robotics solutions that can adapt to different environments and tasks.


Biometric Technology

Biometric technology controls user access through fingerprints, facial recognition, and iris scans. It provides more secure and convenient methods of access control. As the technology continues to improve, businesses will be looking for IT companies that can provide comprehensive biometric solutions. Those solutions will be integrated with other systems and applications.


Cloud Technology

As the cloud continues to level the playing field of accessible data storage and transferring, the ongoing expansion of "...as a Service" offerings must keep pace with the increased need for remote access and collaboration. Businesses will be looking for IT companies that can help them navigate the complexities of the cloud in a secure environment with a minimum investment. The beauty of the cloud is its scalability, affordability, and flexibility.



As the number of cyber threats continues to grow, businesses will be looking for IT companies that can provide comprehensive cybersecurity solutions. This includes everything from implementing security protocols and employee training to providing ongoing monitoring and support.


The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) has connected everything from garage doors to refrigerators. Those "things" produce a new set of data in terms of user behavior and preferences. IT companies that can help businesses manage, analyze, and leverage this data will give themselves a clear advantage over their competitors.


IT Workforce of the Future

IT companies will need to invest in a workforce that can keep pace with the challenges discussed above. This may require a shift in the hiring and training practices of IT companies to attract and retain talent that can meet these evolving needs.


Key Takeaways

The above are but a few examples of the trends and technologies that may shape the IT industry in 2025. IT decision-makers must start thinking about these possibilities now to prepare their company to meet its customers' needs for technology solutions and the qualified workforce that supports them.

Pay respectful attention to current trends in IT, but don't lose sight of your future business goals. Whatever your goals, Gartner and others predict an ever-increasing reliance on technology. That reliance requires a roadmap to sketch an outline of what 2025 will bring.

If you're seeking help in navigating those challenges, click here to learn more about our full suite of digital marketing, branding, and web design services to grow your business. Let us guide you towards a prosperous future and equip you with the necessary tools for success to prepare for 2025.

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