Five Irrefutable Reasons to Implement an Inbound Marketing Strategy to Grow Your Business


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Written by Tim Jones, CEO + Founder

Approximately 68 percent of marketers and businesses prioritize inbound marketing over other marketing strategies because of its unmatched efficiency. Inbound marketing is an organic marketing strategy that seeks to attract, engage, delight, and convert potential customers into paying clients. It encompasses many other marketing strategies, including content marketing and SEO. 

Inbound marketing can boost your business's marketing strategy in dozens of ways. This article highlights five of the most convincing reasons you should consider adopting an inbound marketing strategy to grow your business. 


Why Should You Adopt an Inbound Marketing Strategy? 

The very fact you are reading this guide may indicate that your current marketing strategy is inefficient. If this is the case, then you may be struggling with the following problems: 

  • You are not generating enough traffic. 
  • You are generating traffic but not converting enough leads. 
  • You are generating leads but not making sales or are falling short of your sales goals. 
  • Your sales process is unpredictable, and you are not selling the right products or services. 

These and other marketing challenges are common when using alternative marketing strategies. Fortunately, an inbound marketing campaign can help you solve these problems and boost your overall marketing campaign. Here is an overview of five proven reasons why you should consider adopting this marketing strategy.


1. You're Not Converting Traffic into Leads. 

Attracting traffic is the first step to making sales. The next crucial step entails converting this traffic into leads. Lead conversion is so important, in fact, that 67 percent of businesses measure their marketing campaigns' success by their lead conversion rates

The following factors could be reasons behind your marketing campaign's low conversion rate: 

  • Vague content: Your content may not be specific enough about your products or services. For example, you could be using content on the latest fashion trends to sell women's jackets—but not everyone reading the article is specifically interested in women's jackets.  
  • Vague solutions: Most clients will not spend time browsing your website trying to understand what you sell. 
  • Unappealing landing page: An unappealing landing page may appear unprofessional and make visitors doubt your brand's professionalism. 

Inbound marketing encompasses many marketing strategies, including content marketing (for informative content) and web design (for creating appealing landing pages). More importantly, it can help improve your lead conversion rates. 


2. You're Generating Leads but Not Making Sales. 

You may be converting leads but not making enough sales—this is often referred to as experiencing a high lead bounce rate. Potential customers may sign up for your email list, for example, but fail to engage with your email marketing campaign. This can be a common problem, as the average bounce rate for most marketing campaigns ranges between 26 and 70 percent.

Inbound marketing is founded on the concept of engaging leads throughout the sales journey. This entails meeting all of their needs to build confidence in your solutions. In the case of the aforementioned example about email marketing, inbound marketing ensures that your emails contain informative, enticing, and customized/personalized content that your subscribers will find helpful, making them more engaged in your email marketing campaign. 


3. You're Converting Leads but Not Meeting Your Sales Goals. 

Failure to meet your sales goals despite converting decent leads can leave you feeling disappointed and stranded. There is a logical reason behind your problem, however: volume. 

Fortunately, there are two efficient solutions to this problem. The first solution entails expanding your traffic and leads net to convert more paying leads. The second solution entails making your inbound marketing strategy self-sustaining. 

Your inbound marketing can become self-sustaining by delighting more potential customers. This involves providing your leads with informative and valuable content they can confidently share with other people, essentially turning them into brand ambassadors and making your strategy self-sustaining. 


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4. Your Sales Process is Unpredictable. 

A buyer's journey from lead conversion to sales involves several milestones. For example, many potential customers will research your brands and products/services before placing an order. If your sales process is unpredictable, you will likely lose some of your potential customers along their buyer's journey. 

For example, consider a potential customer who is interested in your products but cannot find content explaining how it works or what makes it better than the competition. In this case, the client may distrust your brand and instead look elsewhere. 

Inbound marketing can help make your sales process more predictable by aligning it with your potential customers' buyer's journeys. This strategy uses content marketing to ensure potential visitors can easily find all information related to your brand and products.

Overall, inbound marketing will help make your sales process organized, intentional, and customizable. 


5. You're Not Selling the Intended Products/Services. 

Marketing one product but getting buyers for other products can be unsettling and confusing. This is especially common when you are trying to sell small-ticket products that most people don't know about while your brand is popular for its big-ticket items

In this case, the problem is uninformative content about the small-ticket products. Inbound marketing can help solve this problem through quality content creation and marketing. 


Key Takeaways 

An efficient inbound marketing strategy will help you solve many of the problems discussed in this article. Most notably, it can help increase sales and boost revenue. Ultimately, a reliable inbound marketing campaign can help develop a self-sustaining marketing and sales engine that will help you realize steady, consistent business growth. 

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