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Okay, I know, another "X" marketing strategies blog. Let me put you at ease. This is not going to be like those other posts you've read. It's not going to talk about things just because they are well-known trends. Let's talk about things that will truly matter for your business this year:



best marketing strategies for 2022

1. Own Your List

Each day witnesses reduced social media platforms' reach. You have to pay to play - the more dollars you pay, the more reach you gain.

That's why it's crucial to take control of your list. Put rock-solid strategies in place to capture your social audiences' contact details. Aim at getting at least their names, mobile numbers, and email addresses.

There are several reasons why you want to move away from social media behemoths like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram:

They own your audience

Those attractive numbers of fans and followers on social media aren't yours. They're borrowed audiences. If the platforms close down due to any reason, your audiences will go down the drain.

The space is over-crowded

Every day sees millions of posts being posted on these platforms. Plus, your competitors are using the same platforms to target the same audience. Reaching your audience isn't easy anymore because mass amounts of ads increasingly bombard them every day. Add the complex social media algorithms, and your brand will barely survive in the long run.


Better Reach

Moving your audience to a text or email list ensures you're able to reach more of your audience directly. No more battling with the ruthless social media algorithms. No more pay-to-play requirements.


Better Data

Cookies are heading out at a rapid pace. Therefore, emails and text marketing are becoming more important to gather solid metrics around the effectiveness of your marketing.

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2. Get Serious with Email Marketing

With social media marketing taking a big hit, it's time to embrace other ways of reaching your audience. Email marketing presents a powerful option, as you can reach people directly without the need of a third party like social media or search engines. Just be sure you've built and owned a robust email list.

Consistently emailing your audience will help you:

Build brand awareness

As your competitors jostle for space in social media and search engines, email marketing helps your brand express its real self, stand out, and be seen. No more formatting and content restrictions. From simple things like sending welcome messages to being consistent in your email marketing, you can easily build and cement your true brand voice.

Nurture leads

Email marketing is king when it comes to attracting potential customers, nurturing leads, and closing deals. You can easily automate and personalize an email campaign to take customers and leads on a journey that impacts their buying behavior.

Upsell and cross-sell

You can creatively craft a post-purchase email without coming across as being too promotional. First, ask the customer for feedback and make them feel cared for. Then make strategic decisions with upselling and cross-selling based on their buying history and feedback.

Conduct market research

How about sending email surveys to collect quantitative data? You can use the surveys to discover things like product trials, post-purchase, or post-event satisfaction. The response rates are usually high since the surveys don't gulp up your subscribers' precious time.

3. Embrace Text Marketing

Text marketing is among the most overlooked marketing strategies today. When it comes to open rates, it dwarfs email marketing since most people don't ignore their phone notifications. But be sure you do things right from the start:

Create an SMS marketing team

SMS marketing shouldn't be a DIY project, especially if yours is a large organization. You may need a digital creative designer, retail expert, SMS marketing program expert, coordinators for on-location signage, and other experts.

Know thy customer

A CRM will come in handy when measuring your messages' success. Analyze demographics and purchase history to help you send messages that get read and acted upon. Also, segment your customers for laser-targeted campaigns. Let bulk messages be for general sales only.

Write clear messages

SMS services limit each message to just 160 characters, so get straight to the point. Write a clear, concise message in plain English and avoid all caps, abbreviations, and emoticons.

Use call to actions

Boost your clients' engagement through powerful CTAs. They include click here, text-to-win, text-to-vote, and buy now.

Let Eternal Works Skyrocket Your Marketing

These powerful 2022 marketing strategies will propel your lead gen game a level or two. But what if your plate is already packed with other crucial things?

Let Eternal Works make it happen. Our experts are dedicated to finding the right solution tailored just for your business. From SMS to email and content marketing, we know what works and what doesn't for your industry and brand. Schedule a call today.


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