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Top Digital Marketing Trends for IT Firms 2021


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Marketing has become a necessity for the success of modern IT firms, irrespective of their size. As more and more IT firms continue to thrive, the industry has become ''survival for the fittest,'' meaning that firms must adopt new IT marketing strategies to outshine competitors.

Due to the high competition, IT firms have become more creative than ever. From the use of chatbots to videos, there are now many digital marketing trends that sell the business and make operations more straightforward. 

If you run a tech firm, you need to familiarize yourself with these trending tactics to increase leads and grow your firm. Here are the top digital marketing trends that you can try in your IT firm 2021.

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Top digital marketing trends for it firms 2021

1. Use Chatbots

Chatbots are great for marketing during the first steps of the digital marketing process, including the collection of contact details. For starters, a Chatbot is an Al-powered software that facilitates your conversations with your customers.

You can program a Chatbot to answer the common Asked questions such as "how much do you price your IT services", and much more. The chatbots save you the time you would have spent answering the questions and free you to concentrate on other business activities.

By utilizing chatbots in marketing, you get the chance to automate a chunk of your marketing activities. Besides, chatbots encourage more engagements with your clients, and this brings forth a positive impact on your business.

So essentially, you can use Chatbots for:

  • Greeting customers when they visit your page
  • Gathering your visitors' contact information
  • Scheduling sales calls
  • Answering FAQS

For the best results, you should ensure that your Chatbot is simple and easy to use.


2. Use Voice Search Marketing

A 2019 study found that only 4% of businesses in the United States are voice search ready. If you are part of the remaining 96%, you can take the chance to utilize voice search marketing, considering that more than 40% of Americans depend on voice search every day.

Ideally, a voice search is an intelligent recognition that allows online users to search on Google by simply speaking to their devices. For instance, if a client wants cybersecurity or any other IT service in Virginia Beach, that person will voice search for "IT services Virginia." Only the firm which uses voice search SEO will appear on the search results.

Unlike text SEO, voice SEO uses a more conversational language. For instance, you can type: "the best IT firm in Virginia Beach," but the voice search can be "hey, what's the best IT firm in Virginia Beach?".

So, you should optimize your website for voice search SEO by thinking about the user intent, ensuring that your site is mobile-friendly, and including detailed information about your business. Important details that you shouldn't leave out are your company's name, address, and contacts.


3. Use Video Marketing

More than 63% of businesses use video as their digital marketing approach, and 80% believe that video marketing works perfectly for them. 

Video marketing is not a new concept. For the few years it has been in use, video marketing has positively improved the performance and visibility of many businesses, and you can try it too.

Ideally, videos are more appealing than texts; hence capture the attention of many people. While you may not entirely rely on videos for your marketing, you can use them alongside your other marketing methods to make your business more visible.

It's worth noting that the success of video marketing heavily relies on the quality and the content of your videos. For the best results, you should ensure that your videos are clear and of the best quality to attract the most views. Also, you should include a call to action to trigger the right reactions from your audience.


4. Use Interactive Content

To meet the rising demands of consumers, most IT firms are now utilizing interactive content to maximize their engagement with online users/their clients. 

The main types of interactive content include the use of quizzes, assessments, marketing games, interactive eBooks, and so on. Having these types of interactive content on your social media pages or your website encourages more people to contact you, leave reviews or even develop more interest in your business.

However, like any other online marketing strategy, you should first understand what your audience wants so that you can use the right interactive content. You should also ensure that the infographics/games you use match your content so that your readers don't get bored. 

With time, you should measure the performance of your interactive content to know how effective the method is.



IT firms should always be on the frontline of digital marketing to catch up with the high-rising competition. The above are just a few of the main great digital marketing tips you can utilize for your business and stay ahead of cutting-edge technology. Give us a call and we'll guide you through the process of implementing digital marketing in your firm, we'll be delighted to help you.


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