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What are Buyer Personas?


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What are Buyer Personas?

A buyer persona is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal best-fit customer. Personas are a mix of real data and some educated guesses based on research.

Most good personas consist of demographic and psychographic information.

The Demographic information of a persona comes from the most common background information resulting from the study of an audience's specific background characteristics.

Here are some examples of information gathered during demographic studies: age, sex, income level, ethnicity, employment, location, homeownership, and education level.

A buyer persona's psychographic information, such as their values, beliefs, interests, attitude, lifestyle, and personality, comes from surveys, focus groups, or interviewing customer-facing teams.

Another name for a buyer persona is a customer avatar. When you hear someone refer to an avatar in the context of marketing or read it in a blog, they are merely using another common name for a persona.

Why are Buyer Personas Important

Personas help you understand your customers better. When you know your customers, you can get to their motivations; you can more easily speak to their needs and give them what they need to make a purchase or move to the next step in the buyer's journey.


Here's a list of ways you can benefit from Buyer Personas

Identify your customers' needs and wants.

When you thoroughly research your company's personas, you can find overlaps in what your customers' minimum needs are in a solution and what they want in a product.


Identify better solutions for your customers.

Looking through your customer reviews and your competitors' reviews is a great way to help your customers better. Customer reviews are an indirect way to find out when customers like and dislike something about your products and services. When done well, you can add insights from your research to specific buyer personas.


Identify how your customers make buying decisions.

Understanding what information your customers need to make a buying decision is vital. Through persona research, you can document customers' process for purchasing a product or service like yours.

Understand where your customers spend their time.

Personas allow us to understand where customers are spending their time. Knowing this helps us target and connect with them where they are as a group.


Understand who influences your customers.

By knowing who influences your customers, you can build relationships with those influencers or even develop similar content.


Learn how to answer objections better.

Understanding your personas allows you to learn your customers' most common objections. You can address these questions in advance to remove any friction or hesitance your customers may have when considering a purchase.


Utilize segmentation and targeted marketing with lists.

Personas allow us to segment our customers into lists. We can write content more specific to each list becuase everyone in the list has similar needs, wants, influencers, social habits, questions, and concerns.


Getting Started With Buyer Personas

Suppose you've never created a persona for your business, and you would like to. In that case, we suggest you start by going through your existing customers and grouping them by their demographic information first.

Once you completed the first step, you should look for other ways to group them until it's like you're describing a single person.


Last Tips On Creating Buyer Personas

Keep in mind that buyer personas should never be finite. Your customers may change, or you may learn something new about them. Treat your personas as living documents that you work to continuously improve and keep up to date.