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Rebranding A Christian Sex Therapist

Talk about two words people (especially Christians) don't like hearing together.  Dr. Jessica McCleese is one of eight people in the world with the certifications and training to be called an expert on the topic of sex therapy, particularly from a Christian viewpoint.

While Dr. McCleese is exceptional at her work, it goes well beyond physical sex, but deeper into marital intimacy as a whole.  However, this did not stop Churches and Pastors from feeling a bit nervous about bringing in a sex therapist.



Exploring Ideas

The initial goal was to explore as many ideas as we could.  Then begin to try ideas that weren't too feminine nor too masculine.  We needed an idea that both wives and husbands would find appealing.

There were over 50 concepts and ideas sketched out many of them included a Christian influence or tone.

Hand drawn logo concepts on dot grid paper

Refining and Qualifying Logos

The next step was to discuss and review which concepts best fit our client's goals.  We needed a design that would feel a bit organic and have a subtle message of intimacy.  It needed to be inspired by Christian beliefs, but not scream Christian so that it would feel more approachable and less judging.

Batch 1@300x-100

The Finished Logo

A refined custom logo design with very subtle hints of intimacy and Christianity.  To represent intimacy the "F" passes through the middle of the "W" while the Holy Spirit is represented by the cross stroke of the "F" that crosses through both letters in 1 circle.  Showing that they are one together.  The stroke of the Letter "F" is also the center stroke of the letter "W" which shows the two are one as stated in the bible. 

Fully Well - Logo on white brick-1
Custom designed logo

The new design looks much more professional and people are definitely noticing it and giving good feedback on it!

Dr. Jessica M.
Fully Well