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Written by Tim Jones, CEO + Founder
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Eternal Works is a HubSpot Certified Gold Solutions Partner

It was only six months ago that we shared that Eternal Works had become a HubSpot Silver Partner.

Well, here we are now. Eternal Works is officially a HubSpot Gold Partner.

What does it mean to be a HubSpot Certified Gold Solutions Partner? It means a few things.

  • First, it means that our team has worked hard to help our clients.  
  • Second, it means our team has worked hard, Period. 
  • It also shows we are dedicated to the growth of our clients and our agency.
  • It proves that we stay on top of educating ourselves and our clients on the most up to date growth strategies and tools.

You can view all of our HubSpot certifications on our partner directory page. Click here to visit our page now.

Getting this honor is not just another badge or award. It's a symbol of our commitment to our community. That includes you.

I can't say enough how proud I am of our team and their efforts to help us realize our dreams of building a world-class agency.

Since we've joined HubSpot's partner program, we have strived to be a good representation of our partnership. We've worked to be an example of how to do inbound marketing utilizing best practices. 

As we say often, "we drink our own Koolaid." Anyone who won't drink their own juice is just trying to manipulate you. We continuously work to lead by example.  

You know we're a good partner and have earned this badge because you can see inbound strategies on our website and social channels.

And, so you know, we're just getting started. An award is not an endpoint. It's a humbling affirmation of our hard work along the way.  

This award will not make us cocky. But it will make us more confident. It will reassure us if we're ever doubtful. It will remind us if we ever forget.

It will remind us that we are capable of great things. It will reassure us that we are competent in our industry. We will be confident in our continued learning, co-workers, hard work, and amazing clients. 

I've never been big on status, or accolades, but I now understand that these awards are not about me as an individual or the founder of this agency. Recognizing and acknowledging this award is about inspiring our team, our clients, our community, and the next generation of leaders.

So, as we keep pressing forward, I hope that you will do the same. Don't let awards, hard work, or praise make you arrogant; let it make you even more grateful.

With that, I end this by saying thank you to every person that helped us get here:

  • the Eternal Works family (Go Workers!), 
  • our clients (you're amazing people, and we love working with you), 
  • our HubSpot Partner Team (past and present have all been amazing), 
  • And every mentor or coach who gave us their time and insights!
  • my family (you've all been very supportive over the years)

 Finally, I have to give an exceptional thank you to the most supportive and helpful person in my life. My wife and business partner Ashlie. You're amazing!