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What's Driving Down Customer Retention for Your IT Company?


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Written by Tim Jones, CEO + Founder
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Acquiring new customers is critical for any business, but nurturing the existing ones remains a robust base for sustainable growth. While it is common knowledge that no company can retain 100% of its customers, it is worth noting that a large percentage of any successful company's revenue comes from its existing customer base.

Even with this information, many business decision-makers still do not employ a successful customer retention plan; as a result, they often struggle to keep their current customers. 

In this article, we look at some factors that typically drive down customer retention and provide a few insights to help you identify if they're happening in your business.


What Is Customer Retention?

When considered at the most basic level, customer retention refers to a business's ability to keep its customer over a long period. 

A solid customer retention strategy usually involves building long-lasting relationships with existing customers, preventing them from switching to a competitor, and encouraging them to return for repeat purchases. 

Overly, your customer retention strategies should focus on keeping the current customers and maximizing their lifetime value using loyalty initiatives. 


Factors Driving Down Customer Retention for Your Business

Several factors could be driving down customer retention for your business, making first-time or even returning customers not renew for a subsequent period of service. 

Let's explore some of these elements:


Not Leveraging Customer Feedback

Customers are more likely to stay with a company that values them. Most companies experience low customer retention because of poor, or even worse, a complete lack of customer feedback. 

If you don't focus on your customers' feedback, you will miss out on a critical opportunity to identify key areas for improvement. 

Here are some questions to help you know if your customers are satisfied with your brand:

  • Are your customers happy with the overall brand experience and customer support?
  • Are there any challenges your customers constantly face?
  • What are some of the complaints these customers have?

You will only have answers to these questions if you ask the customers themselves. Therefore, it's crucial to implement a customer feedback strategy today and start collecting feedback from your customers on areas where you should improve. 


Poor Customer Service

With customers' expectations changing rapidly due to digital empowerment, customer service remains a key differentiator for brands and one of the most significant elements in customer retention. 

A CX Trends 2022 report by Zendesk shows that customers nowadays embrace higher customer service standards. If your customer service standards are low, the chances are high that your existing customers will switch to competitors that offer excellent customer service. 

You can improve your customer retention rate by prioritizing your customer service. Ensure that your teams have the right tools to engage effectively with the customers, such as customer success software, a help desk, and a CRM. 


Lack of Personalized Experiences

Modern customers want brands to treat them as more than just numbers – as individuals. That explains why a lack of delivering personalized experiences can drive your customer retention down. 

Customers are more comfortable buying from a company that gives them personalized treatment. In fact, 63% of customers will likely leave a brand with poor or no personalization tactics. 

You can address this challenge by leveraging your company's analytics. Such information helps you understand your customers deeply – in terms of their preferences, needs, interests, and behavior. The collected information allows you to tailor your service delivery to your individual customers' varying needs, tastes, and preferences.


No Customer Loyalty Initiatives

Most entrepreneurs agree that emotionally committed and loyal customers are easy to retain once faithfully committed to your product or service. In most cases, you can drive customer loyalty by investing in several initiatives, such as special offers, rewards, and loyalty programs.

A report by Bond Loyalty showed that around 80% of customers continue purchasing from particular brands because of their loyalty programs. Therefore, you can improve customer retention by investing in a solid customer loyalty program. It doesn't have to be something huge – it can simply be anything that adds value to your customers.


Lack of Human Contact During Interactions

Even with the rise of rapid automation, where there are all kinds of new AI-powered language models and Chatbots being introduced almost daily, many customers prefer a feel of human touch during interactions. 

Customers are more comfortable engaging with real people as this typically leads to better and more customized service delivery. Humanize your automated solutions by having a team of customer service agents to back up your support efforts if resources allow. 


Key Takeaways

Retaining your existing customers can be daunting as it requires strategic transformations in your business and takes a considerable amount of both effort and time. 

Consider heavily investing in building and maintaining long-term customer relationships, delivering personalized experiences, enhancing customer service, and leveraging customer feedback.

If you are currently looking for ways to improve customer retention for your business, we can help. Download the guide below to start retaining more customers.


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